Our family has been

helping animals in need

for over 40 years!

We take pride in assisting animal rescues and shelters, and helping to save hundreds of lives every year! We refer to our adopters, donors, etc as our Angels family, and we would love for you to join us.

AHA Focuses Primarily on Cats and Kittens

But, we strive to help any animal in need – we have even worked with rescue farms to place farm animals. Unfortunately, we cannot (currently) help more dogs as we are short on dog fosters. If you would like to help us, please consider fostering or adopting!


We have a growing Trap-Neuter-Release program and feed over 200 cats at various colonies each day. Each colony is set up with shelters and all cats are fixed and vaccinated.

Donations Used Wisely

100% of all donations go directly towards helping our animals in need. When you donate to AHA, you can leave a note, directing us how you’d like to see your funds used!

No Administrative Costs

To better assist our animals, our family covers all expenses out of our own pockets. In 2019, we covered $31,595 in expenses, while $23,588 of donor contributions went directly to the animals.

Fully Covered

All of our animals are vetted before adoption – with kittens getting at least their first round of vaccinations and an overall health exam.


Animals Adopted


Donations in 2019


TNR Cats

Meet Our Team

We are a family-run rescue with over 40 years of experience with rescues and shelters! We also have an amazing family of Angel Volunteers that assist us with helping those in need.





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